The Aims and Ambitions

The Yorkshire Town Street aims to be a sustainable and ethical self funding online marketing and trading platform. Our specific purpose is to collectively increase the visibility and online presence of Yorkshire based independent makers, traders, artists and organisations .

The platform will enable you to promote and share  all aspects of your online and offline business activity including:

links to your website

links to your social media pages .

Links to your selling platforms

Promoting online events, fundraisers and community initiatives
Create and promote offline events, gigs, venues etc

Create and market promotional offers

(A full list of the marketing tools can be seen on the subscription page )

Once this searchable directory stage of the project is established, we will be focusing on adding our selling platform to the site. It will have the ability for people to sell directly online or on a click and collect basis via our multi vendor selling platform, with no ridiculous percentage based fees.
This is currently undergoing the final stages of testing in collaboration with Fabrication Crafts Ltd,  a social enterprise supporting and enabling individual artists through their shops in York and Leeds and also the use of their workshop and training facilities.

Collective Action

Size really does matter.

By being a part of the project you are helping to develop a platform that will become large enough to be visible in results across the major search engines and social media platforms. Additionally, given the current situation, it will by provide focused resource for the growing numbers of people and communities who want to support their local independent enterprises wherever they can.

They will be able to search and browse by location in full confidence that while utilising the services and offers presented to them, they are supporting local independent services, traders, artists and suppliers. Thus, in turn contributing to the sustainability and growth of their local economy.

Preserving the beauty, diversity and individuality of our local cities towns, villages and rural industry is a priority and we will always advocate for and encourage the use of them in our promotions and activities.

Although tourism currently suspended, once we return to some level of normality, people are going to be looking for beautiful places to visit. Given the thousands of holiday cancellations and the upcoming school holidays, I would imagine our Yorkshire towns and cities are going to be high on that list.

If we can make it as easy as possible for them to make that decision, we can hopefully recover from the current crisis and moving forward develop a resource that puts Yorkshire Independents firmly and permanently on the map.