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Inclusion on the YTS business directory, search engine and marketing platform is absolutely FREE


Free From External Clutter

We will only ever allow genuine Yorkshire based independent enterprises to list, contribute or sell from any of the sites that are part of our network and do not allow any form of sponsored, pay per click or external advertisements on any of our platforms.


Free to use as you wish

We have no restrictions (other than ethical) on what you can or cannot promote

Promote your Website, Etsy shop, Facebook page,Car Boot Sale...

If it helps you survive we positively encourage it.

Simply Register your account

Simple step by step registration

Select a package that suites you business needs and follow the simple online registration process. 

If you don't have all of the information to hand don't worry you can edit your profile at anytime.

Populate your marketing dashboard and create your listing

Promote yourself.

Create, announce and promote your online / offline events, new systems of work. fundraisers and community initiatives etc ....
Add links to your website, social media pages and any selling platforms that you use.

Use images and video to let potential customers know all about you, where they can find you and what services you offer.

Monitor your marketing campaigns to see what works.

Make use of the user support forums and the subsequent knowledge base.
(If you would like to see a specific local forum set up please get in touch)

A full list of all of the marketing tools currently available can be found on the listing plan page.
(We will be adding to the list as we grow.)

Working together for a stronger future

Internet marketing is dominated by those who can afford it, We're here to prove that through working together and strategically utilising the many online platforms readily available to us, we can rise to the top.

We will only ever allow genuine Yorkshire based independent enterprises to list, contribute or sell from any of the sites and do not allow any form of external advertising, pay per click ads etc on any of any of our platforms.

We are utterly committed to ensuring that this is a regional based resource that will only ever employ or form contracts with Yorkshire based independent companies or individuals, and will only ever get bigger and better.

Yorkshires very own Fully Searchable Indie Directory

Searchable by business event or offer type, category, region, city, town, post code, location proximity or viewable interactive map, 

The Yorkshire town street is effectively a localised search engine just for the Yorkshire Indie community

We are intent on offering our customers and site users the opportunity to browse, search and shop in confidence knowing that when they use or purchase the services offers, information or products made available to them on the Yorkshire Town Street they do so safe in the knowledge that they are supporting their own communities and contributing directly to their own local economy.

As the project develops we will create localised landing pages for specific cities towns and villages throughout our amazing county making it even easier for you to be found.

If you have already created a local solution for supporting the Indie community, please feel free to promote it on here.

We can assist with creating multiple listings and discuss ways in which we can work together.



With footfall dropping, our shops and premises closing and the uncertainty of what another lock down will bring leading up to Christmas and beyond, many small businesses owners are focussing their attention on creating an effective online presence using the internet and social media in particular as a means to maintain and support their customers.

Sharing truly is caring.

Yorkshire Town Street is a not for profit venture aimed at increasing the online visibility and presence of our Yorkshire based independent makers, traders, artists and organisations now and into the future

We don't use any form of sponsored or paid for advertising on our sites instead opting for a collective marketing approach.

The more people see us the bigger we get and the more effective we become so please, share with your friends, colleagues and local indie community. 

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Size really does matter.

By creating your listing you are helping to develop a platform that will become Yorkshires own Indie search engine while being large enough to be visible in results across all of the major search engines and social media platforms.

Given the current situation, it will provide focused resource for the growing numbers of people and communities who want to support their local independent enterprises wherever they can.

They will be able to search and browse by location in full confidence that while utilising the services and offers presented to them, they are supporting local independent services, traders, artists and suppliers. Thus, in turn contributing to the sustainability and growth of their local economy.

The more people sign up the bigger we become The bigger we become the stronger we are online.

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About YTS

Yorkshire Town Street is an online marketing platform 
specifically designed to cater for and enable independent producers, makers, retailers and social organisations who are based in and operate from the county of Yorkshire.

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